The customer shall, by signing the contract or agreeing to the service, provide the following:

Full and free access to the computer or other device to provide service thereon.

A working Broadband internet connection.

Any service plan or maintenance contract shall not cover the replacement of hardware components or parts but will be limited to preventive and diagnostic calls meant for the repair and maintenance of the machine and other USB peripherals connected to the Computer.

Under the customer’s service plan or maintenance contract the cost of replacement of parts or components needed for repairs shall be borne by the customer at cost.

Terms of Payment
All payments will be made following diagnosis after the completion of service, before the technicians start working on the machine.

All payments once agreed upon are non-refundable and charges will not be reversed after 30 days. Pro-camera is in no way responsible for any refund under any circumstances or situation for any reason whatsoever either arising from poor internet connectivity, satellite phone connection or dial up rendering Pro-camera incapable of fulfillment of service.

All prices for Products or Services stated in any quote, estimate or acceptance of order are those current at the time of the customer’s inquiry.

Pro-Camera Services may vary any prices or rates, and/or charge any taxes or duties imposed in relation to the Products or Services, at any time by posting the resulting price changes on our website or otherwise giving the customer notice. The customer can contact us and request details of our prices or any price change by phone during working hours or at any time by email.

The customer can confirm that any quotes or estimates provided by our telephone operators or technicians prior to the provision of Products or Services are non-binding estimates only and that the final price payable by you may vary from such quotes or estimates.

Risk of damage to or loss of the machine being repaired is entirely the customers, before, during and after service.

Pro-camera is not responsible for issues arising after the machine has been repaired and maintained after the contract expires.

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Warranty & Guarantee of Services
To the extent that it is permitted to do so, we will assign the benefit of any guarantee or warranty covering any defects in services provided by us under an agreement with the provider or supplier of the relevant product.

If any services are provided by us, they will be carried out with reasonable care and skill and by suitably trained and qualified persons.

As part of any services, we may provide you with our guidance on software installation and maintenance. You hereby acknowledge that you are responsible for obtaining all necessary third party licenses for software or other intellectual property or products, and warranty that you are not in breach of any relevant licenses and that you are compliant with all relevant applicable laws.

Pro-camera service technicians are trained to help, and we guarantee to supply an appropriately trained “Certified Technician” to address customer issues we agree to troubleshoot. However we do not guarantee that we can fix every problem as inevitably some problems cannot be fixed without required action or recommendations being carried out by the customer. In cases where the customer is unwilling to take the action required and in circumstances where other unforeseen issues arise the customer is still liable to pay in full the charges that are incurred for goods and/or services provided by us.

When Pro Camera services technicians provide customer support, there can be no guarantee that the issue will not occur again or that a similar issue may occur with the same manifestations as the issue already addressed.

Our liability to the customer shall not in any circumstances include any personal or business losses that the customer may incur, including but not limited to lost data, lost profits or business interruption, or information loss.

Any advice or recommendations given to the customer by us or our employees regarding application, use or preference of the products and services which is not confirmed in writing by us, is followed or acted upon entirely at the customer’s own risk.

The customer agrees that Pro-camera shall not be responsible for the cost of any hardware repairs or any other losses which occur as a consequence of a failure of the customer’s goods unless that failure occurs as a direct result of our services.